I had no idea I hadn’t written in almost a year! It was right about that time I got a new job that has taken priority over fun writing, but I realized I miss it.

In the last year, my 19 year old has started college, the twins are in 1st grade, I’ve eaten Moby Dick’s weight in popcorn, and my guinea pig is kinda fat.

I’m mostly seeing if this thing (my brain and the website) still works.

But I do have one story from yesterday:

I was taking Tee to Sam’s Club to get his glasses (it took 4 prescriptions to find out that he sees like a bat without the luxury of echolocation) when I realized I forgot my Club Card.

Not that it mattered, my membership ran out 2 days after I got the glasses, so I would just be holding up what would be the closest thing to a fake ID I’ve ever had.

Tee was extremely worried that I would get yelled out, handcuffed, or possibly thrown in jail. I tried to reassure him, but his tiny grip on my hand as we walked in just kept getting tighter.

A crowd of people were in front of us at the door, and he yelled: “Do you PROMISE that we won’t go to jail if we don’t have our Sam’s Club Card?”

The crowd tittered, and once again, I said no one was going to stop me from getting in there and getting the glasses I paid for  a week ago.

We walk in. I tell the nice lady that I forgot my card but I’m only picking up glasses. She gave me a look of lemon flavored disapproval, but let me pass.

Ten seconds later an alarm (not related to my crime) started ringing.

I don’t think Tee will ever trust me again.