So once upon a time I was named Carrie Marie, after my Grandmother whose last name was Carey, and middle name Marie. Cool, huh?

(My dad liked the name Heidi, but mom couldn’t get past the image of a German girl in pigtails yelling “Grandfather! Grandfather!”)

So Carrie Marie it became.

My Aunt Bernie called me Carrie Marino, which I always thought was funny. (She also had a teeny tiny little white dog named Butchy, the most awesome name for a little dog).

Then my mom met my step-dad who called me Carrie-Ann. Not sure if it’s because he didn’t remember my middle name or because he was being ornery. I vote for the latter.

My high school boyfriend called me: “Carrie Bear”.  Yeah. I know.

Friends over the years have called me “Care” but I just didn’t have a name you could really shorten.

My husband, when we were dating started calling me Carrie Lou. He would say “Carrie Lou-hoo” making it sound like “Yodel LAY hoo!”

It was the inspiration for my blog name.

Once Carrie Lou was established, my father in law called me LuLu once day, bringing us to snorting giggles.

My husband now calls me “baby” or “my boo”, which I adore. He tried “Babycakes” in a fake Barry White voice, but that sounded extremely anti-sexy, so he only yells that to me at Wal-mart.

One day, he called me “The Lou”. I felt very “Artist Formerly Known as Carrie” like with that. Kinda  like a rockstar.

I can’t tell you how excited I was when I found this bathroom marker to go in my Jack Skellington bathroom:

photo (9)

Oh, yeah, I’m The Lou/Loo.

Rock on.

Check out the store I bought this from: