I think my youngest (by 20 seconds) child is from the future. Bear with me here, it will become clear.

He has been extremely irritating today, and I KNOW it’s on purpose. He wants to break me. He wants to see me crack.

Today my oldest gave him a doll action figure of Captain Jack Sparrow, not as cute as The Depp, but he will do.

Twin B asked me about 5,708 times today what the name of the doll action figure was. It went something like this:

Twin: What’s he’s name? (spelling is correct)

Me: Captain Jack Sparrow

Twin: (waves toy in his hand) This guy?

Me: Yes, that guy is Captain Jack Sparrow.

Twin: Ohhh, ok. It’s Jack Bruce Wayne.

Me: Um, no, it’s Jack Sparrow.

Twin: (waves toy in hand) This guy?

Me: YES, that guy, right there, IN YOUR HAND, is Captain Jack Sparrow.

3 minutes go by

Twin: What’s he’s name?

Round 2

10 minutes later Round 3

By Round 456, I started telling him the doll’s action figure’s name was Captain Bumblebee Bubblehead (which is HILARIOUS to hear people say) it occurred to me that he is an evil genius, a mastermind, if you will.

I am obviously going to do something seriously important soon, something WORLD CHANGING, and he was sent here, from the future, to break me. He may not be the Terminator, but he’s definitely the Terrorizer.

I hear him talking to himself at night, and it’s often a strange babble. I’m positive he’s communicating with his cronies from the future telling them all the things he did to me that day to make me crazy.

Mr. Who, guffawed at that suggestion, and assured me that my child is just a 4 year old child that likes to torture his mom, you know, like most 4 year olds.

Good theory, Mr. Who, but we will see who’s guffawing when I save the world.

If he’s lucky I will make him a minion.