I am CarrieLouWho, and I can light a gas furnace pilot light.

Without blowing anything up.

I find that a huge accomplishment. The lighting part, I mean. The not blowing up is a bonus.

I will be the first to admit that I am not exactly a leader in anything mechanical, electrical, or lawnmowery, but I am more than willing to try. As long as the teacher has patience, and understands that I don’t MEAN to ask dumb questions, they just come out on their own. I don’t MEAN to not understand it right away, but give me time and I will.

Sometimes Mr. Who doesn’t get why I don’t get it. To him, my science, mechanical, electrical, (oh, and lawnmowery) minded husband, this stuff comes easy! The toaster broke? Don’t worry, CarrieLouWho, I will just go to the store and buy a new thermocoupler and reinventionitize it to the epicenter of the bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

(The bzzzzz is what it sounds like to me. It’s the sound of wishing I had paid more attention in high school.)

When he gets frustrated, I just ask him what a glissando is (as he is not musical instrumentally savvy) and he backs off. Okay, he doesn’t back off, he totally makes up something about what a glissando is, and even though know what it is, his made up definition is really convincing.  He probably should have gone into politics.

So, a few weeks ago, (the first time in 2.5 years of living here!) it went out when I was home alone. The first thing I did was go on YouTube and try to figure it out. I made 6-25 trips back and forth to the basement to get everything in order. I emailed Mr. Who, told him what I was going to do, and set out to try.

He called me in negative 5 seconds to walk me through it. Since I’m still here, you know it was successful. I felt awesome. I highfived myself, AND slapped my own butt in victory. That may have been excessive, but that sort of thing is not something I would think to try unless I had to. I would totally try to eat a whole pie, paint my nails 10 different colors, or put a wrapped Peppermint Patty in the microwave (don’t do that), but not something all manly like lighting a furnace.

Since then, I’ve done it 3 more times in the last few weeks. That’s kind of a lot. I hope Mr. Who doesn’t think I’m in the basement blowing it out myself, like a big furnace birthday candle, just so I can be all studly and relight it.

Because I’m not.

I swear it.