I think I’m too dependent on my DVR. The beautiful glorious DVR with the “you-never-ever have-to-watch-commercials-again” shining wonder button.  It’s genius, really.

My twins usually watch movies, and occasionally a show I taped for them, but the other day, they were completely stupified at these tiny mini shows they had to endure while watching the new Ninja Turtles cartoon/CGI/sketch drawing whateveritis.

Why were they over so quickly?! That Dora the Explorer commercial was a great show! What do you mean I can’t watch Spongebob?! IT WAS JUST THERE!!!

Poor little fellas. I understand the plight of the rewind.

I was listening to a morning radio show recently, and I missed an important part of a conversation about cactus soccer, and I literally went to push the rewind button.

In my car. Le sigh.

There are so many things I wish I could rewind in my life that aren’t centered around Rover’s Morning Glory and Sharktopus. By the way, they are currently making Sharktopus vs. Mermantula, to be released in 2014. You’re welcome.

I could do so much rewinding, I might be able to turn the world back a few days, à la Superman.

I wish I could rewind not defending my best friend from the mean girl in high school, or eating half of a Subway sandwich this past Monday night which resulted in more horror than Mermantula will ever create.

I wish I could rewind not practicing harder to get into more Orchestra pieces in college, and that I punched my brother more.

WHAT?! He deserved it.

I wish I could go back and enjoy my hospital pregnancy bedrest and not have been such a Whiny McWhiner, and I wish I had written Twilight before Stephenie Meyer did. I am positive I already had some written in 7th grade, on a note book that smelled like Cinnamon when you scratched it.

So many rewinds of so many little things. Oh, I would love to rewind how I sent everyone on my blog subscription list a blank email with only the words: “Webmail Builder” or something like that. My bad. Thanks, GoDaddy.

By the way, old man in a hat that tried to kill me this morning by merging into my lane at 67 lightspeeds an hour? I have no desire to rewind my finger.