Because we like our supernatural, apocalyptic, and pawn shows, our DVR is getting full, and we’re not able to keep up with all the shows we watch. There are a lot of them, and so we usually do a marathon of shows every few nights, which can be confusing sometimes. We occasionally forget who is in what, and morph shows into each other. (Ok, Mr. Who does that, I have a tv memory like a steel trap.) For example, while watching Revolution, Mr. Who wondered when the zombies were coming. He (and I) were REALLY confused when watching The Following and Cult at the same time.

Our poor DVR is getting a workout, and is becoming fuller every day. We’re just now watching shows from the beginning of October. God forbid I lose a show I want to see, like Supernatural or The Walking Dead, over to one I don’t NEED to see, like Pawn Stars or Oddities. (Yes, that IS a straight jacket.)

Mr. Who and I went and spoke with our Series Manager. He’s great, he keeps a list of everything we watch, and makes sure they record on time, usually. At our conference, we decided that we needed to let go of two shows we just aren’t that into anymore.

So, to Arrow and Grimm: it’s not us, it’s you.

Nothing personal, really. I won’t say I won’t miss the Arrow guy doing his sweaty gym routines, his low gravelly voice, or even the green eye shadow he uses to go incognito. I will say that if I can tell you exactly how the episode is going to go without actually seeing it, then I think I’m smarter, and I don’t watch TV to feel smarter.  I listen to my morning radio show for that.

As for Grimm, after 2 years and into the 3rd season, we still can’t remember some of the names – of the main characters! And the names of the Vessen? (Wessen?) are getting crazier every episode. Mr. Who has decided the writers just sneeze and whatever sound comes out is the new name.

Episode 3: Enter creepy creature with green horns.

Writer: Ahh…ah….hasenpfeffer!

Episode 4: Entry creepy creature with wrinkly skin and claws.

Writer: Ahhh…ahhhh…Smarfignuven!

If you think I’m joking, check out the show.

So, we bid adieu to those shows that we have invested some time. I’m sure you’re going to end up winning Emmy after Emmy for Best Show in the History of Ever! now that we’re not watching it. At least we have Netflix.

To another show in our queue: Once Upon a Time, we’re watching you.