*Disclaimer, I am not a spokesperson, nor am I paid to discuss the food here, but I wouldn’t say no if someone wanted to pay me to eat*

I like to try new foods, and occasionally land on a gold mine of delicious combinations.  Most of the foods I love now are things I would have turned my nose up, way into the air, not even 5 years ago.  I never liked spicy foods, but thanks to a prescription for Prilosec, I’m the queen of the spicy, and am known in my community as The LouSpice.  True Story.

My newest obsession are wasabi peas, oh-em-gee they are so good. There’s an art to eating them, though, and my general rule is: 1 wasabi pea is good, 2 are better, and 3 makes all the hair in your nose dissolve.  Don’t even ask me about 4 peas at once, I am still having nightmares about it.

Jalapeno Cheetos, Snyder’s of Hanover Hot Buffalo Wing Pretzel pieces, and this fantastic green tomato salsa recipe that Mr. Who and I can each year are on my “to eat” list.

I like sweet stuff, too, and unfortunately my sweet tooth is a major contributing factor to why I’m not a size, 2, 4, OR 6.

Lemon Heaven popcorn from Popcornopolis is dreamy, Ben & Jerry’s Peanut Butter World is what I hope Heaven tastes like, and World Market’s Pumpkin spaghetti sauce makes me drool.  I am also a Peanut Butter M&M lover, and would love a few pounds of those for my birthday next month…hint hint.

Mr. Who and I were watching either Kitchen Nightmares, which reminds me of one of my favorite memes:

or Man vs. Food (oh, Adam Richman, I hope your arteries are healing) when they went to a restaurant that specialized in the chicken and waffles combination.  At first I made an “eww” face, but then when I saw the delicious fried chicken and syrupy waffles all lying together on the plate like something out of a sexy romance novel, I changed my mind.

Imagine my delight when I saw Lays Potato Chips in Chicken & Waffles flavor at the local grocery store! I was extremely intrigued to try these. Mr. Who really, really wanted his best buddy to try them, so he made me wait a few weeks until Buddy came over.

Finally, that day arrived this weekend. We bust open the bag, and the smell was…well…funky. Like a bag of dried chicken.  I cautiously put one in my mouth, hoping it tasted better than it smelled.

It was so gross. It was like I bit into a chicken bouillon cube while sniffing Mrs. Butterworth.  Mr. Who and Buddy seemed to like it, but I don’t buy it.  I made quite a fuss about the gross-osity (yep, new word) of the chips, so of course those two manly men had to swagger on over and proclaim them to be good. Personally, I think the Orange Shandys they had that night were a large contributing factor to their approval.

My Girl Buddy was there to taste test them, and she didn’t like them either. She was classier than I was though, and ate the whole chip, not give away a half drooled on piece to anyone else in the room.

Buddy asked us if we would like to order items off his daughter’s fundraising paper, and I said I would only give him a check if he took the chips with him. He happily obliged. Mr. Who did not protest the bag leaving the premises.

So I have officially voted meat flavored chips off the Lou Island, except for Shrimp chips, because those are really nummy.

You have been warned, and you’re welcome.