Mr. Who and I have become what I would describe as Amazoniacs…kind of like Hulkamaniacs but with more steroids. Anytime we think we need something, we instantly go to Amazon and see if we can get it cheaper. While there, we discover a plethora of items that are necessary to the survival of our Who lives.

We order toilet paper and paper towels through Amazon Prime. My grandmother, Granny Lou, was mystified, perplexed, and just a bit snarky upon finding out that little tidbit of information.

“You order toilet paper? But…how do you know when you need more? What happens if you run out?” beeeeeeep goes the hearing aid…”WHAT?”

“Well, grandma,” I say, “we notice when we’re running low and order it then. There has yet to be a crisis of no toilet paper.”


Sigh. Laugh all you want, Granny Lou, it’s one less thing I have to drag Twin A and Twin B to the store to get.

Mr. Who recently gave the word “Amazon” a whole new meaning and it made me LOL. Like, I seriously Laughed. Out. Loud. He was thinking of things he thought we needed and said: “So, should we Amazon them?”  I looked at him incredulously, which I often do, and said: “Babe, you just totally made “Amazon” into a verb.”

He says: “Yes, I did, and not only am I Amazonning some things, I’m Amazon Priming them, too.”

He’s a rebel. A pure, unadulterated rebel.