I like fantasy.  No, scratch that, I LOVE fantasy, I lurve it.  I love those epic stories with huge battle scenes where everyone and everything are fighting together for the common good, like Chronicles of Narnia. Or on the same vein, multi-species battles over a somewhat decent looking piece of possessed jewelry that turns that nice little boy from “The Good Son” into a bit of crazy so he needs Rudy to watch over him until they get it back to Kay’s Jewelers where it was forged.

Love that stuff.  I will also be the first to tell you that I WILL cry in any movie that has a slow motion epic battle scene with an orchestral background.  Unabashed wailing.  Do not give me crappy Kleenex, this is a Puffs Plus only home.  One scene that makes me weep is on Prince Caspian where the Minotaur is bravely trying to hold up the gate so the heroes can escape the castle and it’s coming down and you just know that poor, big, old, sweet hairy thing is going to die and that gate is going to crash down and he’s going to save everyone and no! they are shooting him with arrows and he’s weakening and…wahhhhhh!!

I like monsters, vampires, werewolves, zombies, undead, half-dead, mostly dead, mutants, X men, talking robots, fighting robots, superheroes with powers, superheroes without powers, Things, aliens that like you, Men in Black, aliens that hate you, trolls, swashbucklers, Skywalkers, hobbits, wizards, slayers, Sitheses (Sithi? Sithy? Sithes? probably just Sith), witches,  and everything else I missed that would probably make me pee a little if they came to my door and asked to borrow a cup of sugar.

Knowing this about myself,  I couldn’t help but be a little weirded out by a few things that happened lately. For one thing, I keep having dreams that I am an evil princess that wants to destroy the world, rude, yes, but I look FANTASTIC in black leather. The other is I was bit by a mosquito a week ago, while not earth shattering news, and most likely some of you might have had this experience,

but as you can see, it was by a vampire mosquito.  They aren’t very common in my area, but I’m like nectar to those things.  Ever since I’ve lost 2.5 pounds (so not complaining), have been craving guacamole like a fiend, and I’ve had some odd thoughts.  More so than usual.

 I mention these things to my husband occasionally, who just grins, albeit worriedly, pats me on the head with a “Oh, CarrieLou”, and runs off to make phone calls in hushed tones.

For example, I was pushing the kids on the swings and all of a sudden birds blew out of the woods.  I swear to you that I heard a groaning sound.  What would a normal person’s first thought be?  Probably: “Hmm, must be a deer. ” or “I wonder if I should make meat loaf for dinner.”  CarrieLou’s first thought? “Wow, I wonder what would happen if there was an infected person in the woods and was going to try to kill us?”  Yeah, it’s not a zombie, people.  Zombies are raised by black magic, there will never be a Zombie Apocalypse, no need to worry about that.  It will just be gross nasties trying to eat you.

Also, we have a koi pond with two fat pink fish. Since we inherited the house and the weather has been beyond suck and we aren’t exactly sure how to take care of this thing yet, the water is, shall we say…black as tar.  It’s been clearing up lately and occasionally flashes of pink shine by.  We also have a few frogs.  So the other day, I was looking out at the pond, and a frog was on a rock about an inch from the water, and a fish was above the water facing it.  I swear they were talking. Let me reiterate: my fish was above the water facing a frog with its little fish lips moving. 

I suddenly had a flash of a movie I saw as a kid, remember this?

Yep, pretty sure my koi is Mr. Furley.