I don’t have much time to write, my days have been increasingly filled with chasing children and swinging children and clapping when said children go down the 3 foot plastic slide on their bellies and almost demand a medal for it.  They have been filled with feeding children, trying to entertain children who are suddenly very hard to keep entertained, and trying to keep one of them from stuffing his enormous mouth full of food only to have him spit it out all over the floor, chair, himself, or his brother, at least twice a day.

They have been filled with trying not to laugh when my one twin has learned possession and grabs everything he can and yells: “Mi-! Mi-!” and plays keep-a-way from his brother.  They are filled with bigger, wetter, nastier diapers, longer days ( you can only put them in and out of the swings and push them so many times), shorter naps, louder screams, dirtier hands, but bigger smiles, harder hugs, and  more awesome, loving kisses.

Many days have been filled with wincing, and “ugh”ing, and “argh”ing, and shrieking, and screaming every time one of my little 2 year olds threw or spilled something on my kitchen floor. My CARPETED kitchen floor.  Yep, you read that right, carpet in my kitchen. No, we didn’t do this. The house came that way. Who, in their right minds would carpet a kitchen?  If any of you, my readers, have carpeted your kitchen, I’m NOT sorry if I offend you, you are NUTS!

I hated it.  But yesterday, oh, glorious yesterday, two angels came, ripped up that carpet and put down tile in my kitchen.  Beautiful, wonderful, WIPABLE, CLEANABLE, tile.  It’s like I won the lottery.  My kitchen is a lot brighter and unless I’m imagining it, it felt a little cooler, too. The angels didn’t put the seam where we thought they were going to, and put it in the most high traffic area possible, and our floor looks like it goes down hill in spots, but that just gives it character, dammit!  Other than that, it’s very pretty. I’m excited.

I didn’t tell my husband, but last night I had such an urge to just dump stuff all over the floor.  Just because I could.  It would be so fun to just sweep it up with a broom.  Toddlers aren’t afraid of a broom.  I could pour orange juice and milk on the floor, make my own little floorsicle, and it would just come right up.   Hmmm, we might have some orange juice…

Rats, the kids really need to get out of bed, or I’d do it.  I WOULD! No, seriously, I might…