Oh, Lakewood Schools...

This makes me sad as a teacher.  Hell, this makes me sad as a parent and a person in general.  How can someone mess this up? How can you have a group meeting to help kids with reading, writing, and spelling, and then not spell a word correctly on your sign for it?

I’m a sign reader.  It sends me over the edge when I see a word spelled wrong on signs.  I’ve often told my husband that I would love to be paid to travel around Ohio to correct misspelled signs.  I’ve actually written and emailed a few businesses because the words on the boards were driving me insane.

I will not shop at your place of business if you cannot spell something on your billboard or sign.  I refuse.  If you cannot pay attention to a detail like that, I’m scared to see what you do inside your store.

I’m really glad my children will not be going to this school.  I’m ashamed that this sign was up long enough for someone to take a picture and send it in to the local radio station. Shame on you!  Bad, bad, bad!