My husband bought a truck at an auction in May of 2011.  We still had to sell the truck he was driving so this one sat in the driveway for a few months while he lovingly washed, waxed, caressed the insides, talked sweet nothings to it, and got it ready for the big day when it was his only automobile.

We sold the truck he was driving in November, oddly enough about 4 days before we moved into a new home, so we could have really used the old truck, but that’s pretty much how things work with us.  The truck went to a nice home, and my husband was happy.

So my husband has been driving the truck for about 4 months and is happy with it.  Then something awesome happened. One of our twins grabbed the key chain and was walking around the house pressing the automatic unlock and lock buttons. Suddenly from the garage I hear the sounds of a car starting.  I have remote start on my minivan, so I was very confused. We don’t have it on the truck…right?

I went to the garage, opened the door, and lo and behold, the truck is running.  Little Andy presses some more buttons and the truck goes off, then on again.  I ran to the living and asked my husband: “Did you know that your truck has a remote starter?”  He looked at me even more confused than he usually does when I talk, and said: “Ummm, no?”  I laughed and told him what happened.

He was very excited, we had no idea.  We bought this at an estate auction, no one told us anything about the truck and there was no manual about this in the car.  So he takes the keychain off Andy and tried to figure out how to turn it on and cannot. He gives the keys back to Andy and his random pressing makes the car go back on again. I’m convinced Andy is a genius by this time.

We went online to check it out and figured out how to make it work, but had it not been for our little 22 month old grabbing his daddy’s keys, we might have never known we had this cool feature on our truck.

Kids are just so cool.