I had a startling memory of a babysitter my brother and I had when I was young named Sandy.  She watched us during the summer when my parents were at work, and she made $50 a week.  I think in the late 70’s that was decent money?  We weren’t very nice to her and I’m sure she earned every penny.

I think I might have been 8 and my brother was 5 when Sandy came over and my mom asked how she was doing, and Sandy replied: “Tired. Fat. Pregnant.”  I remember my mom and I laughing.  I don’t remember the next 7 or 8 months after that, but I do remember when she had the baby and brought her over when she watched us.

Weird thing, though, I only remember her bringing the baby a few times.  I wonder if it’s because I accidentally on purpose woke the baby up so I could play with her.

I remember Sandy walking outside to talk to my mom, and asked me to keep an eye on the baby, but not to touch her because she was sleeping and had some mysterious thing called “colic”.  Oh, boy did I want to touch her.  She was all pink and cute.  So I went to the carrier and “accidentally” bumped into it.  Nothing.  Then I smacked it a little harder.  The baby stirred.  I pushed it, still not the reaction I wanted. So, and in my defense I was 8, I pinched that poor little baby’s leg.  Well, she woke up crying.  Of course, I rescued her. I pulled her out of that carrier and held her.

Sandy came running in asking: “What happened?” and she wasn’t asking in a nice way.  I looked at her all innocent like and said: “She just woke up!”  Sandy took the baby off me and looked her over, and I was sure she saw the little red mark on her leg.  But she never said anything.  I don’t remember getting to hold the baby after that, but I do remember Sandy not seeming to like me as much.

As a mom of three kids, I totally get it.  If that had been me now, I probably would have gone off on the child that pinched my kid that I finally got to sleep after hours of crying.  I don’t know how Sandy kept it together and didn’t murder me in my sleep.

So Sandy, and to the child that is now probably 32 years old. I’m sorry.