So in the past few days, I’ve noticed a growing trend where either I am becoming invisible, which granted, would be cool, or people have forgotten the personal space rule.  I understand that everyone has their own personal space force field surrounding them, and depending on who is near you, the force field will shrink or grow to immense proportions.

Obviously, my 22 month old twins have absolutely no personal space. They want their fingers up my nose, eyes, they want them in my bellybutton, ears, along with sticky, boogery hands all over the rest of me.  That’s fine, they are my babies. They pull that crap in ten more years and I’m going to have to sit them down for a serious talk.

My 15-year-old stopped putting his fingers in my nose a long time ago, but his personal space is still less than I would think around me. He likes hugs still, and me likey, so we’re good. My husband and I are very close, and I’m fine with the lack of personal space, unless I’m trying to do something, then it’s all about “GET AWAY FROM ME!”

That all being said, I was at CVS the other night getting a humidifier for my kids, and a rather loud, large, obnoxious guy comes up to stand in line behind me.  Not just behind me. Like he WAS my behind.  He TOUCHED my butt, people. With his hands, jacket, basket, you name it.  I moved up, he moved up, I moved over, he moved over.  I sighed and moved waaaaaaay over, so did he.  It made me feel very uncomfortable.  I have no doubts he wasn’t doing it to creep me out, he is just a close-talker.  I said nothing, because I’m a siswad, but I have a friend from college, initials of “LM” who would have, no doubt, told him to “move the hell away from me”, and I wish I had that kind of non-siswadishness.

Today I was in the doctor’s office waiting for my turn. I’m the ONLY one in the office. An older gentleman (read ancient) came in and plopped himself down on me. Not BY me, ON me.  Seriously? There are FOUR other couches.  I shuffled over to the side, and he made himself right at home with his leg trying to make leg babies with mine.  Grrrr.

I was at a party not too long ago and a girl I don’t know too well was talking to me, and as we were talking, I was becoming increasingly aware that my upper body was going father and farther back as her face and chest was coming closer and closer. At one point, had I not stepped back, I might have done some neat yoga move and cracked my back.

So what is it? Do I look like a cuddly teddy bear? Am I sexy seductress that strange men in CVS want to touch? It’s a nice thought, I guess, but it’s probably the Devil’s Food Chocolate scented perfume I wear…who can resist a chic that smells like cake?