My husband and I were watching the fantabulous movie “Mirrors” with Kiefer Sutherland last night.  At one point in the movie, Kiefer goes a bit bat shit crazy and starts shooting a mirror.  In his defense, the mirrors are extremely evil.  Well, as soon as he fires about ten rounds in the mirror, something really cool happens.  The mirror freaking ABSORBS the bullets.  The cracks meld right back into itself and the mirror is perfect again!

My husband whispers in awe:” That is a very, very cool feature to have in a mirror.”

I look at him stunned. “In a mirror? Hell, that would be cool in SKIN! Could you imagine? Every time you hurt yourself it would heal all Wolverine-like? That would be awesome! What the government should do, you see, is start making a race of super glass babies, and send them out to war instead of the troops.  Of course, glass babies would be really fragile, and not really snuggly.”

My husband is bored now and is basically “mmmhmmming” me to shut me up.  That’s fair.

But can you imagine how awesome it would be to have a glass baby? No baths, you wouldn’t have to feed it, you’d just have to go to Sam’s Club and stock up on lots and lots of Windex.